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clsyspr is a printing utility for sending files to a printer device using the LPR protocol via an LPD (line printer deamon) server. Version 1.2 can be used both as a command line tool or as a desktop GUI in English and German

The GUI shows the communication progress in a trace window at the foot of the GUI, so that problems are immediately evident (wrong printer name, wrong server ID, etc.)

The utiltiy has a number of useful configuration options, such as the ability to use a different port if necessary to communicate with the LPD server. The ability to adjust the timeout for TCP/IP communication and specify a number of retries for communication makes the utility very useful where communications lines are poor quality.

As a command line utility, it can be used to automate printing of data files from any application that can start a program from the command line. As a GUI it can be useful in a number of situations. Firstly, for normal users that just want to send a data file to a print server, they can select the file in the GUI, enter the printer and server ID and transmit without having to type at the command line. For CUPS users who want to print to remote destinations without having to define all those destinations locally, the program can be used to reach remote CUPS servers with ease. For test purposes, reprinting data files to LPD capable OMS servers, such as OM Plus DM, is quite simple using the GUI.

In addition to it's simple LPR capability, version 1.2 logs all communication errors, so that you have a chance to determine why a communication with the LPD server was unsuccessful.

clsyspr is written in Java and can be provided for any platform that supports Java 1.6 or higher.

The software is licensed on a usage basis with a low-cost annual license fee rather than support fees. In that way, when you no longer need the software you can stop paying for it, but in the meantime you receive all updates to the software. Trial licenses are available upon request.