clSysTech Products


We provide solutions rather than just products and as such, we often develop small utility software programs to assist our customers in the integration of standard products into their specific IT environments. We develop chiefly in Java but can also provide solutions in C#, Python or other languages where required.

Over the years some useful tools have emerged while working on customer projects, which we make available as supported products. Some of these are still freeware.


Out latest document composition product brings a totally new approach to automating business document creation using the power of Java! For full details, visit the JDocument web site

PCL Analyser

PCL Analyser decodes PCL5 print data streams and displays an analysis of the print commands on screen, page by page. It can be used to analyse problems with PCL5 print output.

It includes the ability to save any page of analysis to a text file, e.g. for communicating problems with suppliers or colleagues. It also has a text search function, so that you can search for specific PCL commands or text in the PCL data. For further details click here...

clsysOMR for PCL

clsysOMR is a utility to add Optical Mark Reader information to PCL data streams for the control of enveloping machines.

clsysOMR includes a GUI for the configuration of the OMR codes and operates as a backend utility that can be integrated into existing OMS systems and backend printing processes. For further details click here...

clsyspr lpr print client

clsyspr is a command line utility for sending files to a printer device. Version 1.1 uses the LPR protocol to send data to a local or remote LPD server. For further details click here...


The SAPGOF Viewer is designed to load SAP Generic Output Format (GOF) files and display them on-screen. SAPGOF data streams normally contain layoutted documents for printing, i.e. text in various fonts and font sizes, lines, boxes, graphics, etc., positioned on a "page", e.g. DIN A4 or Letter, and displays the SAPGOF commands alongside.

The SAPGOF Viewer will display the contents of GOF files, as they would appear on the printed output page, on your computer screen. For further details click here...