DoXTK for Windows v1.5

- Toolkit for DoXite ®


DoXTK is the first independent add-on for the DoXite ® document formatting system and is designed to address daily requirements of DoXite ® users that are not otherwise covered in the DoXite ® product. Simply put, it provides additional features that are not catered for in the product itself, but help the user in their daily application of the DoXite ® system considerably.

DoXTK is designed to complement the DoXite ® system and once installed, detects the DoXite ® client installation (Integrated Configuration Enviroment) and can immediately display all configured DoXite ® environments without any additional configuration by the user.

DoXTK then not only provides an overview of layout projects, it can show where building block elements, scripts and images are being used in those projects. It will also display scripts and images on-screen.

DoXTK can be used to synchronise two DoXite ® environments - typically for transferring changes between development, test and production environments. Additional utilities include counting the number of documents in an SAP RDI datastream.

The DoXite ® Integrated Configuration Environment can be started directly from the DoXTK menus and icons.

The DoXite ® tools themselves concentrate on the design of document layouts. However, some very useful tools can be added to the core DoXite ® software to make the application of DoXite ® even easier.

The DoXTK software is designed to complement the DoXite ® system and helps to manage DoXite ® configurations.