Today's Internet Technology

Internet technology is no longer just web-sites. Many company applications are web-server based, or need to be migrated to this new technology.

Internet Solutions

Internet sites - including multi-lingual

Even small firms today can benefit from a presence on the World-Wide Web. We provide cost-effective solutions to meet your budget, with on-going maintenance to ensure your internet site keeps up with the times and technology.

If you require your internet site in a combination of languages, e.g. German and English, we can provide you with such solutions.

Java, PHP, CSS, XML, Perl, Python, databases

There are a number of languages and tools (e.g. databases) that combined, can provide incredibly powerful applications and internet sites. With a detailed knowledge of this technology, we are able to provide you with solutions, small or complex, which match your demands.

Interactive web-based applications

Demands such as web-based applications, that require litte or no software on user's PCs, but communicate with remote web-enabled servers via the standard internet browser.

Such modern applications reduce costs, not only in software licesning, but more importantly, in support for non-technical staff and their desktop computers.

e-Learning applications

Training is costly and often ineffective, participants quickly forget what they experience on dedicated courses, or can only absolve a portion of the training content. Training manuals can be dry and difficult to absorb.

e-Learning, using interactive, animated internet based technologies, provides a much more cost-effective solution. Users can learn at their own pace and can repeat training modules as required, rather than try to hold all the details of a system in their heads. They can watch animations of the steps they need to take to apply product features themselves.

We can build e-Learning tutorials and courses for your products, your customers, and your staff, to reducing training costs while improving effectiveness.