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It pays to invest in a central Output Management System! Cost savings can be accrued throughout your organisation. clSysTech is the German partner for one of the world's most widely used Output Management Systems - OM Plus from Plus Technologies. Our customer base in Germany alone, speaks for itself.

The OM Plus suite provides the features required for today's modern Output Management challenges, where print job management alone is no longer the main challenge faced by IT Managers.

The OM Plus Enterprise Output Management products provide a modular solution for all your printing and related document output requirements. Because they are available for almost all popular client/server operating systems, from Microsoft Windows, Linux and all major UNIX derivatives, you can replace multiple spooling systems with one single output management system for the whole Enterprise. You gain by having just one single point of administration for all applications that output business documents with one singe user interface, either thick client or thin browser based, for all those systems. In addition, the professional features in OM Plus are far in advance of those of native spooling systems, including a certifed SAP BC-XOM interface.

OM Plus Delivery Manager

This is the classical OM Plus output management component, designed to handle all of your system spooling requirements across multiple platforms and from multiple applications. For further details click here...

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery™

A classical "print release/follow-me" printing solution, My-Print-Delivery™ offers both a hardware specific and hardware independent (e.g. through the use of Smartphones) secure printing solution which allows users to print their output documents when and where they require them. Users can originate a print job in one physical location but print the output at a totally different location within their organisation at the time at which they require that printed output. For further details click here...

OM Plus Stats Manager

The OM Plus Stats Manager module allows you to gather statistics about your enterprise wide output devices (printers) and their usage to help you determine where costs are arising (e.g. so they can be allocated to the correct cost centres) and where cost saving potential exist. Stats Manager is the ideal monitoring tool for a complex output management environment. For further details click here...

OM Plus i-Sat

OM Plus i-Sat is a remote printing extension, for example to support home-office workers, remote company sites, or business partner sites. It provides OM Plus functionality without the need for VPN connections via a secure https Internet communication. For further details click here...

OM Plus Fleet Manager

OM Plus Fleet Manager (OMP FM) is a comprehensive printer fleet management software system. OM Plus Fleet Manager is a tool that helps users and Service Providers manage an organizationís print and multi-function/copy devices. These devices store information about their activity, which can include data such as page counts, color vs mono prints, copies, scans, faxes, errors, device health, toner levels, and much more. For further details click here...