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OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM)

OM Plus Fleet Manager

OM Plus Fleet Manager (OMP FM) is a comprehensive printer fleet management software system. OM Plus Fleet Manager is a tool that helps users and Service Providers manage an organizationís print and multi-function/copy devices. These devices store information about their activity, which can include data such as page counts, color vs mono prints, copies, scans, faxes, errors, device health, toner levels, and much more.

Professional printer management

Printers are a central business cost factor, not only does the hardware require maintenance, consumables such as paper and toner are constantly required to ensure your printed documents are always instantly available in the required quality. Managing these assets and consumables can result in major cost savings.

OM Plus Fleet Manager provides the tools for the job by monitoring all your printer hardware and gathering the information won in a central database, to provide statistics about the printer usage and hence costs.

OM Plus Fleet Manager provides a central administrive tool regardless of where the physical devices are installed, e.g. at different physical company locations.

Guarantee device availability

By keeping a track of when and where you require printer consumables, you can purchase and deliver those consumables at the right time for your users. You can also identify potential shortages before they become critical and thus ensure your printer devices are online and functioning when your staff require them.

For further details, download the product brochure at the link above right and don't hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss your specific output management requirements with one of our technicians.