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OM Plus i-Sat

OM Plus i-Sat is a extension for OM Plus Delivery Manager that provides printing via the Cloud (Internet) for remote offices and users without the need for VPN connections. The remote computer only requires an internet connection and a small i-Sat component that checks regularly for user print jobs on the OM Plus server at some central location.

OM Plus i-Sat uses a secure https based Internet communication so that print jobs are transmitted encrypted and compressed to the remote client. No persistent connection is required and i-Sat has a very low cost of ownership (often less expensive than VPN solutions). This makes it extremely attractive for remote offices, home offices, or connections to business partners, so that print jobs to these users can still be routed through a central OM Plus DM server with all related benefits, but be delivered to users that are otherwise not connected to your internal network.

i-Sat Versions

i-Sat - As described above, the version for low-cost remote printing via the Cloud.

i-Sat Plus - Provides a full OM Plus Delivery Manager Server on the remote computer, replacing the native spooler.

i-Sat Embedded - Runs as an embedded print server on certified printers.