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MyPrintDelivery™ - Secure Printing, VDI Printing, Follow Me Printing


OM Plus My-Print-Delivery™ is a fully featured "Secure Printing / Follow Me Printing" output solution which reduces costs on the one hand by avoiding lost or unwanted print output and increasing data security and privacy on the other hand by ensuring that printed output is delivered directly into the hands of authorised personnel. It is also an ideal solution in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), where fixed work places are becoming a thing of the past and VDI printing is required.

Secure Printing

Secure printing is a question of legal compliance, especially in government, military or medical/health organisations.

In fact, most organisations are being confronted with the challenge of adopting secure printing, so that sensitive customer or staff data does not fall into the wrong hands, simply because printed output was sent to a open-office device but could not be picked up immediately.

The traditional way to comply with a secure printing requirement, is to put a printer on every person's desk that might print sensitve information. This not only increases printing costs considerably by increasing the number of printers in the organisation, it can be virtually impossible to ensure all sensitive print jobs are printed to devices that are in closed offices, because more and more data must be treated securely.

A secure printing solution that requires the user to identify him- or herself at the point of printing, for example with a staff ID-card, is not only more secure across the board, it makes good economic sense. In addition, an investment in secure printing is an investment in your company's overall data security policy.

Secure printing can also be enforced with the use of PIN identification - so there are various levels of security that can be reached and/or optionally applied to various parts of your organisation. You might want to implement a high-level secure printing option for your human resources and/or research departments, for example, but much lower level for logistics.

Using a further additional OM Plus module, you can extend secure printing to be able to determine who printed certain sensitive documents, including when and where they were printed.

OM Plus provides the option of secure printing with the MyPrintDelivery™ module, which extends the core Delivery Manager system to provide a pull printing solution, without removing the traditional push printing feature.

MyPrintDelivery™ offers not only a secure printing solution, but combines this with other functionality such as mobile printing and follow me printing.

To summarise, secure printing is a challenge your organisation will be confronted with sooner or later. Investment in the right secure printing solution will bring cost savings. Secure printing also provides much more flexibility in document output for your organisation. Further details below under the headings VDI printing, Follow Me printing / Pull printing.

VDI Printing

In a modern organisation, virtual desktops are becoming common place and promise considerable hardware cost savings. But printing with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a major challenge! Users that log into systems via a remote desktop will find that remote machine does not know what printers are in their vicinity in that moment. What is needed is a VDI printing solution that allows virtual users to print to a virtual device and then go to the nearest device and request their print jobs as and when they need them.

VDI printing must also ensure that the user does not have to know the name or ID of every printer that he or she may be located at - the user should be able to identify the device they are at by simply scanning a barcode, or by using an embedded application in that device.

VDI printing can be particularly relevent if your organisation makes extensive use of external experts who do not know your output management infrastructure, require flexible work places and use of virtual desktops and are mobile during the life of key projects. VDI printing provides these expensive experts with immediate access to your printer infrastucture at a minimum of cost for your company.

MyPrintDelviery™ provides these VDI printing features; the remote desktop (e.g. using Citrix) and/or virtual machine does not have to be configured with a range of potential printers that might be useful for the user. The user applies VDI printing by always printing to the same virtual OM Plus device, then going to the nearest printing device and requesting the print job there. They might use the embedded VDI printing application from OM Plus at a multi-function device, identifying themselves at the device. Or they might use the OM Plus VDI printing option of scanning a barcode on the printer to tell OM Plus where the user is located and then use a Smartphone / Tablet App to log into OM Plus and select the jobs to print.

VDI Printing is a necessary option that your organisation needs to take into account if your intend using virtual work places, otherwise you are likely to save costs in one respect, but increase them elsewhere. A suitable VDI Printing solution will actually probably further reduce costs!

Follow Me Printing / Pull Printing

The key features of MyPrintDelivery, is that your applications no longer determine when and where documents are printed (Push Printing), but your staff have full control over when and where they print - a printing philosophy often referred to as Follow Me printing or Pull printing. Gartner estimates, that one in ten documents that are printed are never picked up at the printer, so reducing this wastage by using a Follow Me Printing / Pull Printing technique can immediately result in major cost savings. Your legacy applications can be tuned to print to virtual OM Plus devices and print documents as usual. Using Follow Me printing / Pull printing staff only go to a printer to print those documents they really need.

My-Print-Delivery™ improves flexibility in your organisation's Output Management too - if you have staff that are often travelling between mulitple locations, e.g. project managers, wouldn't it be great if they could create and output documents ready for meetings in advance from their applications, but print them at the location of the meeting when they arrive there? This Follow Me printing or Pull printing option can be very practical and save significant printing costs. Rather than print "just-in-case", your staff print "just-in-time" and print only the number of copies they really need.

Follow Me Printing / Pull Printing does not have to be expensive to implement

Follow Me printing / Pull printing can be achieved with no additional major hardware costs, for example, using Smart phones or tablets. If your key staff, project managers, external consultants have company mobile phones then you can add this flexibility to your organisations' processes very easily. By attaching a barcode to each printer in your organisation, no-one has to know the ID of a given device to be able to use Follow Me printing / Pull printing - they scan the barcode with their Smartphones, start the MyPrintDelivery™ App and request the documents they want to print.

Summary - what MyPrintDelivery™ offers your organisation

There are many different names for the alternative to traditional printing - secure printing, follow me printing, VDI printing, pull printing - and there are many different reasons for using a modern printing technology. The OM Plus product suite provides all of these features and meets the challenge of modern printing requirements. So when you invest in an Output Management solution, it pays to take a close look at the OM Plus solutions.

In fact, if you are thinking of investing in order to reduce overall printing costs by eliminating unnecessary printer hardware or PCs, Follow Me printing, Pull Printing, VDI printing and of course, Secure Printing, should all be themes that you need to take a closer look at, both now and in order to meet your future output management requirements.