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Output Management

DoXite ® - Document Formatting and Design

The DoXite ® document formatting system from DETEC GmbH is designed to automate complex business documents from daily desktop letters to huge volume document output, e.g. for telecommunications and utility companies (e.g. SAP IS-U).

We have extensive skills in the application of the DoXite ® document formatting system and offer both project management, application development, training and add-on tools for DoXite ® systems, such as our DoXTK product.

In the first instance, we can offer you consultancy on how to go about implementing the DoXite ® solution; how much training you will need, estimating the time required to migrate from a legacy system to DoXite ®, determining the best form of raw data to feed into the DoXite ® system, etc.

We also offer on-site DoXite ® training, upto and including the latest release, 1.2.5, and including Python for DoXite ® users, at very competitive prices.

We can project manage your migration to ensure a successful implementation within budget, including coaching of your staff and detailed layouting development where your staff might be over-stretched, or limitations on resources mean you cannot cover all requirements yourselves within a reasonable time-scale.

DoXite ® Test system for release updates

A typical requirement is the need to manage DoXite release updates. Simply installing the new release can be a very risky undertaking, if you are not sure that your existing layout applications will continue without any change to the layouting using the new release.

We can implement a test system so that you can check new releases before putting them into production.