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Including reliable service and support, combined with consultancy backed by many years in the IT industry.

Reference Projects

OM Plus at PERI GmbH

DoXite and SAP IS-U



We provide services and solutions in three main categories, listed alongside on the left, ranging from consultancy, audits and project management, through to application development and project implementation where you require specific short-term resources in these fields.

We have a broad range of knowledge and understand the priorities that need to be set in achieving successful change management, implementing project goals and improving your IT services. Our approach to these requirements is based on ITIL Best Practices.

IT Infrastructure Libarary (ITIL)

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the most widely recognised approach to IT service management available today. There are many reference sites for ITIL; here are some useful links:


We offer short and long term support and resources to companies that need help related to Output Management and/or Document Composition. We offer the following services:

We provide these services in the following main technologies:

Consultancy and audits

Particularly in the field of Output Management, we can audit your current system landscape and provide a comprehensive analysis detailing those specific services and processes that can be improved or brought up to recognised standards. We identify bottlenecks, areas without sufficient fail-over, those services that your customer(s) find inadequate or unsatisfactory and we then suggest improvements. Independent of software suppliers, without the overheads of departmental protectionism, we provide facts and figures for an open discussion within your organisation.

Project Management / Change Management

Changes to your existing IT systems need to be managed effectively and often across multiple departmental lines. An independent project management, or assistance from an independent source, can often greatly improve the acceptance of changes that need to be co-ordinated within an organisation.

Application development

Where you need additional application development resources for a specific limited time period, e.g. for the implementation of new software applications, we can provide trained and experienced technicians to work with your project team, on-site or remote.

In particular, we offer considerable expertise in the application of the DoXite ® document formatting system and it's predecessor, LaserSoft ®. We can offer DoXite installation and configuration, training including Python for DoXite ® users, application development, implementation of DoXite ® test systems for change management, migration from LaserSoft ® applications and add-on software development. More details at Document Composition.